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Breaking down on the road can be a stressful and potentially dangerous situation. That's why, at K & D Transport, we offer reliable car towing services to ensure that your broken-down vehicle doesn't pose a threat to other drivers.

We understand the importance of getting your vehicle to a recovery garage quickly and safely, and our team of experts is here to help. When you choose us for your towing needs, you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

K & D Transport specialises in car towing in the Reading area. Our service is affordable, dependable and reliable. We cover clients around the clock because we know that car issues can happen at any time, including at night and on weekends.

No matter where you are, we will send a team to your location as soon as possible. They will be fully equipped with state-of-the-art trucks, ready to assist you with your needs in a friendly and professional manner.

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I need a professional towing service. What do I do?

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Call us to order a towing service in Reading

For your peace of mind, our tow and recovery service is available 24 hours a day, all year round. This means there is always someone at the other end of the line, ready to take your call and send help your way, no matter where in the UK you happen to be located at this moment.

Vocalise your vehicle recovery request

For you to take advantage of our services in Reading and nearby, you will have to unveil certain details, such as your plate number, licence, and your current location, as well as what you think might be wrong with the car. We will also ask you at what time the accident occurred. All the data we collect from our customers is kept away from prying eyes.

Specify where you want us to take your car

Before we can deliver our towing services, we would like to know where you want us to transport your car after the accident, whether back to your home or another destination. If you need to find a suitable car recovery garage or repair shop, we might be able to help you pick one.

Wait for our trucks to arrive at the site

Now all you have to do is sit down and wait for our team to arrive and provide our recovery & towing service in Reading. Depending on your location, our transport fleet should be able to come to you in 30 minutes or less, with a towing vehicle that is perfectly matched to your needs.

Why Use Our Car Towing Service

  • A one-stop shop for vehicle towing and roadside assistance at competitive rates
  • A responsible, fully vetted and certified fleet of operators
  • Fast vehicle towing, car recovery, and other roadside assistance
  • Rapid response and quick services
  • Powerful tow truck vehicles
  • 24-hour roadside assistance and towing service in Reading (night and day)
  • We do not charge you for any recovery services you don’t need

You don’t have to worry about your precious car as long as you opt for our services. With many years of experience in car recovery in Reading and car towing service, we are used to handling vehicles of all kinds, including motorcycles, 4x4, vans, minibuses, and cars. Regardless of the size of your car, we can assure you the job will be done carefully and meticulously.

We will safely load your belongings on a tow truck and transport them to a garage or another location. Whether you need a local towing or long-haul towing service, you can rely on us.

Car Towing and Car Transportation Service Reading: What We Offer

With years of experience under our belt, K & D Transport has dealt with a wide range of car issues, making us experts in our field. We take pride in our ability to provide unparalleled recovery, towing, and transport services in Reading and the surrounding areas.

Our team of experienced professionals is equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to handle any car issue you may have, ensuring a stress-free and efficient experience. Whether you need a quick recovery or long-distance transport, you can rely on us to provide unmatched service every time.

At K & D Transport, we're committed to providing you with the best possible service. Contact us today to experience our unmatched recovery, towing, and transport services in Reading and the nearby area.

Expert mechanics and towing providers

Our recovery and towing service providers are fully vetted and highly trained at car towing. They know how to use our equipment in the best way possible so that the job is done efficiently and according to safety standards.

Extended working hours

At K & D Transport, we understand that car breakdowns can happen at any time of the day or night. That's why we offer our car towing service in Reading 24/7, so you don't have to worry about being stranded on the road outside of regular working hours or on bank holidays.

Our team of experts is always on time and ready to assist you with your car towing needs, no matter the time or day. You can count on us to be there when you need us most, ensuring a stress-free and efficient towing experience. Contact us today to experience our reliable and professional car towing service in Reading.

Multiple tow truck points around Reading and other towns nearby

Not only that, we are very much aware that when it comes to an accident, time is of the essence. That’s why we have a tow truck on every corner of the city and in various locations around England, waiting to be at your service. This allows us to spring to your help as soon as you call us.

Once we find you, we will use our skills and knowledge to get your car out of harm's way without any further damage. Our towing service ends when your vehicle is sent to the desired destination and your wishes are fulfilled.

Areas Our Service Covers

K&D Transport currently provides emergency recovery services, general road assistance and towing service in the following areas:

If you need more information about our area coverage, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our courteous customer staff will answer your burning questions about our professional car towing service.

Versatile Road Assistance and Vehicle Recovery Services

Our road assistance goes beyond car towing and recovery after an accident. Aside from emergency towing services, we also offer breakdown recovery in Reading as well as the the following services:

Battery repair

Our car mechanics are certified to look for faults and issues with the vehicle, assess battery performance, do a voltage and load test, check out cables and terminals, and whatnot. They can install a new battery if your existing one is not functioning the way it should.

Jump-starting your car

Also, if for some reason you can’t jump-start your car in Reading, our skilled technicians will do that for you using specialised equipment without damaging the battery or compromising other car parts. It’s always best to let a towing professional give you a hand with this than to attempt to do it on your own.

Unlocking your car

Lastly, we can open the door if you got locked out of the car and you don’t have your key. Don’t worry, we will never damage your vehicle, as we will utilise special tools and years of experience.

Draining your fuel tank

If you put the wrong type of fuel in your car by accident, you should drain it before you can drive again. The good news is that we have professional equipment, the best in the industry, that enables us to drain the fuel out of your car.

Tyre services in Reading

If your tyre needs changing, there are various ways to assist you. We can use your spare tyre, lend you our own tyre (a used one) that you have to return later on, or bring you a brand new tyre.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is towing a car legal in the UK?

Yes, towing a car is legal but there are certain conditions to meet if you want to tow someone’s vehicle. If you don't want to risk it, book a recovery & towing service in Reading and let the recovery & towing professionals do it.

Can you tow a car in Reading?

If you have a driving licence, you can tow another car that is up to a certain weight. This means you need to be aware of the weight of both your vehicle and the vehicle that needs to be towed. Of course, if you don't want to perform any illegal actions, it's best to book a car towing service.

Can I leave my broken-down vehicle on slower roads?

Unless road marks prohibit it, you can. But you should keep in mind it may still get in the way of other drivers. That's why you need to signal other drivers about it by putting reflectorised triangles around your vehicle. You should also stay away from the car in case of an accident.

What can cause a vehicle to break down?

It could be a lot of things such as misfuelling, an electrical problem, alternator trouble, a faulty battery, a damaged wheel, flat tyres, etc. If you can't have these fixed on the spot, you need to use a quality and reliable vehicle transportation service.

What to do if your vehicle breaks down far from home?

If your car broke far from home, you should try to move it to the side of the road. After that, you want to call a reliable car recovery service. The industry offers plenty of options and when it comes to a quality towing service in London, you can rely on us.

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Whether your car experienced an unexpected issue while you were driving or you were involved in a car accident, K&D recovery & towing services in Reading and all of the UK are here for you. We can make a terrible situation feel much better by taking care of the whole towing process for you, no stress involved.

Plus, we offer more than emergency towing services in Reading. Feel free to reach us over the phone or via email and request our road assistance. We are here for you.

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