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Whether you have been involved in a car accident around Guildford, or perhaps your car has suddenly stopped working, you can always contact our road assistance & recovery service. Our breakdown recovery services in Guildford are swift and efficient, ready to help you within the hour. If you have experienced a car breakdown, make sure to contact us for a speedy resolution of the problem.

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24 Hour Vehicle Recovery Service & Road Assistance in Guildford

Our company specialises in quick repair and recovery service in the Guildford area. We know that accidents happen and that the most important thing for our customers, in this case, is to know they can rely on roadside assistance and vehicle recovery in Guildford.

K & D Transport provides the means for efficient breakdown recovery of vans or other vehicles stuck or broken.

How we can help

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If you have a road accident with your vehicle in the Guildford area or any of the areas listed above, you can request our recovery service. We will send out a professional team within an hour after you contact us. They will look at the issue and assess the situation.

If we cannot repair the vehicle there, we will carry out the other aspect of our car recovery service, which is to tow the vehicle to your home or a garage, whichever is closer.

Our services cover multiple areas, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Whether you need breakdown recovery somewhere on the road in Guildford or any of the other areas we cover, K & D Transport will be ready to provide adequate recovery service.

Our customers can even rely on recovery Guildford late at night when many other services will not be available at a late hour. We know cars and vans are sometimes fickle and can have breakdowns when you least expect them. For those scenarios, it is best to contact our vehicle recovery centre and have our experts check out the vehicle in question.

We offer breakdown recovery Guildford

Our services cater to those in need of breakdown recovery in Guildford or the surrounding areas that we cover. We cater to any car and vehicle issue 24/7. Our vehicle recovery procedure is swift, affordable, and expertly executed. One single call to our office is all it takes to have our technicians en route to the problem.

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Our services in Guildford come at a highly-competitive price that you will love. Contact our office today and find out more about how you can save money with us and our vehicle recovery services.

Reputable Services

We have already helped numerous motorists in, which we cover fully. We can recover different types of cars or we can repair them on the spot. Our breakdown recovery service is speedy, affordable, and reliable. We provide 24-hour aid to those that need it in the Berkshire or Guildford area.

Areas that K&D Transport covers:

We provide vehicle recovery and roadside assistance in and around the Guildford area including but not limited to:

If you have any of your vans or cars broken in one of the areas we cover, just contact us and we will come to the rescue.

Here is what you can rely on with our breakdown recovery services

Man calls to emergency service for roadside assistance and vehicle recovery

We can repair your car

If your car needs repair, we can do that at the side of the road. Sometimes the issue is not so big and our recovery crew can simply address it there and then for you. As a roadside assistance and recovery service, this is very helpful in cases where an emergency breakdown occurs.

We can move the car

If repairs are not an option, then we will move the car to a garage or anywhere in the area that you wish. Our car recovery services feature the means to tow any car to the office or home address of the client, or someplace where the necessary repairs can take place.

Momentary repair or local recovery

Upon arrival at the location of your vehicle, our team will inspect the breakdown problem and see if they can fix the car on the spot. Our specialists can handle many operations in a quick and efficient manner. Whether you have been involved in an accident, or your car has experienced some other breakdown issue, we will do our best to repair it.

Many breakdown accidents are more complex and don't allow the immediate rescue of the vehicle. In that case, we will recover your vehicle to a location of your choice. It will be either a garage or your home/office, whichever you prefer.

We are always improving our services

We know that a car breakdown can occur at any moment and no vehicle is safe. For this reason, our mission is to always improve our recovery services. That way when any of our clients need car recovery in Egham or the surrounding area, we will be ready to meet the challenge.

We can work on any vehicle, regardless of what the breakdown reason is. We are an experienced car recovery company in Guildford that will take good care of your vehicle and transport it to safety or fix it on the spot.

Our services are constantly improving in terms of speed and efficiency. That is why K & D Transport is the top recovery choice for any breakdown in Guildford.

Are recovery vehicles exempt from Operator License?

The purpose of operator licensing is to ensure road safety, a level playing field, and environmental protection in regard to commercially operated goods vehicles. Recovery vehicles are exempt from this sort of licensing. However, the Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Operators) Act 1995 states that vehicles over 3.500kg are in the scope of the Operator Licensing, including vehicles that are used for recovery and breakdown purposes.

What does local vehicle recovery mean?

Most of the breakdown cover policies and roadside assistance services you get from car assistance companies include local recovery. It means that if you experience a car breakdown and the company cannot fix the issue at the side of the road, they will make provisions to tow your car to your home, or a garage, whichever is closer to the location.

K&D Transport

K & D Transprot provides 24/7 roadside assistance and car and van towing services. Need car transportation and car recovery? Breakdown in the middle of the road? We're here for you!



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